Brain Hemispheres and Their Functions

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Human Brain is divided into two halves, as most of us know: the left and right brain hemispheres. Each side processes information very differently than the other, and the biggest difference is the visual aspect.

“The Brain Hemispheres”

Have you ever wondered what is the concept of your left brain? and what is the concept of your right brain?
what are the differences, and what both of them do? Today we are going to answer those questions, and tell a little bit more about brain hemispheres, it’s always interesting to learn new things about your brain, isn’t it?


The shapes of both parts of your brain are very similar, but differences have been gradually found in their functions. Left Brain is all about logic, facts, mathematics, analysis, language and so on. Right Brain is all about imagination, feelings, arts, basically it’s the creative side of the brain. These two work together, to allow us to function as humans, and in order for people to be more “whole-brained”, schools try to give equal weight to the arts, creativity, and the skills of imagination and synthesis.

People with a right-side dominant brain are more swayed by feelings, they’re more curious about everything, about the world and everything around them. However these kind of people, might be unable to organize and prioritize well.

On the other hand, the left brain is the side that handles organization and logic. Which is why, people with a left-side dominant brain are very highly organized, loves schedules, deadlines and rules.
Brain Hemispheres


Would you identify yourself the left-brain or the right brain thinker? Or would you call yourself “whole-brained“?

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