Best Supplements For Your Brain: Natural Nootropics


What should you do, if you’re eating well, exercising,  getting enough sleep, always trying to learn new things, and even got rid of your bad habits, but you still find yourself struggling to focus and struggling to motivate yourself each day, you always feel like you want to go back to bed, well, it means, that maybe it’s about time to introduce you to Nootropics, which are also known as “smart drugs“.
natural nootropics

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics are substances that are composed of a wide range of natural and artificial compounds which are thought to enhance your cognitive functioning (i.e. they make you more “intelligent”) – this is done by changing you brain’s neurochemistry.

Scientific studies have helped to prove that nootropics can boost the average individual’s memory, confidence levels, personal motivation, and overall brain function. Essentially, these compounds have amazing effects on the body that literally anyone can benefit from.

Before using Nootropics, make sure, that they are:

  • beneficial for the brain
  • must help enhance the brain’s memory, concentration, and ability to efficiently learn
  • must also enhance both the cortical and sub-cortical control mechanisms that are within the brain.
  • non-addictive
  • as natural as possible
  • with none or few side effects

There are so many Nootropics to choose from, which is why you should read about all of them, and find the best, that suits you, as some people want more physical energy, others want to relax more easily, and still others want to sleep deeper, and some want to concentrate more. Let’s talk a little bit about a few different Nootropics, that you could choose from:

  • Ginkgo biloba – this has antioxidant properties and can also reduce stress/anxiety. The quality of memory is improved and well-studied
  • Asian ginseng – this drug has a relaxing / calming effect, which can improve learning capabilities. It can also reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Bacopa monniera – this herb helps improve cognition by reducing anxiety. It is fat soluble, which is why traditional Indian families take this with ghee even in rural villages.
  • Ashwagandha – also known a Indian ginseng, this ayurvedic herb can reduce anxiety and improve concentration and focus.
  • Caffeine – memory and attention enhancement, caffeine is the most popular and well-known nootropic out there. It’s commonly found in coffee, tea, energy drinks, soft drinks, and even chocolate.
  • Creatine – physical energy, reasoning and fatigue relief. It is an excellent supplement for athletes, and also supports cognitive functioning – particularly in vegans, vegetarians and the elderly.


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