Nootropics and Supplements DO Help You Out To Improve Memory


“These things pack a wallop! They do work, man!” you keep hearing from a colleague at work, or a fellow student, talking about nootropics at a party or a water cooler conference.

Have you always wanted to get a roaring, tire-destroying, V12 monster of a brain, but never knew who to ask? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve been able to gather the Top Experts in the field of nootropics and cerebral refinement for their view on:

What nootropics and supplements can actually give you benefits; and How you can get the most out of them?

These can offer valuable insights into how you can get your brain to work much faster than you’ve ever been accustomed to. There are several methods you can take all converging on your goal of a complete individual. Let’s delve a bit deeper. Nootropics DO Help You Out

The one thing that all of these experts agree on is, yes, nootropics do help you be a productive person in general. Some of them prefer the generic effects of naturally occurring nootropic herbs like Ginkgo and Ginseng. Others rely on much more scientific products that affect certain cognitive centers of the brain, like racetams.

So in short, nootropics DO improve cognition and increase mental performance.

Methods, Not Just Components

It is easy to get carried away by the latest wonderpill that is advertised on the market, expecting it to work the same on you as it did on your friend. But nootropics function differently on different physiologies.

This is what Jesse stresses on when he says that since human biology can be vastly different from person to person, you need to find out what exactly can work for you. This can be done when you approach it scientifically rather than just diving face-first into them.

Also, when you ‘stack’ nootropics, you need to do your research on whether people have used it safely before you try it. You can get all the info you want on them on any one of these sites in the guide.

“Look at different approaches, not just stacks”


Jesse Lawler


Your Protection Against Mental Aging













There was thought to be no cure for your brain growing old, until now at least. Nootropics have the ability to put a stop to neural degeneration. Michael suggests that Bacopa is one of those herbs that have neuroprotective properties.

Nootropics also works to prevent additional degeneration due to disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or Parkinson’s disease. Many patients who have been taking prescribed doses have found it completely stopped the deterioration.

“Several studies have suggested that Bacopa Monnieri extracts may have protective effects against neurodegeneration”

Michael Brandt

Things Are Going To Get Better

Experts like Geoff who are able to recognize the potential of something as powerful as this have been predicting that things are going to take off when it comes to optimizing your brain. Neuroscience has been one area which has been baffling scientists for ages.

Recently, we have been able to make great strides mapping different parts of our brains, specifically areas that are responsible for cognition. Nootropics specifically target those areas and boost an individual’s mental performance.

As things get competitive, better ways to eke out performance from our brains will be available.

“The future of brain supplements looks optimistic”

Geoff Brennan

The Healing Touch

Debbie has recovered through a traumatic brain injury episode with the help of supplements and an iron will. She offers a unique perspective, saying that they not just improve the function but in some cases can also be therapeutic for people suffering from various ailments of the brain.

She recommends Huperzine A, Alpha Lipoic acid, vitamin D and Bs and EHT for general cerebral repair.

“Supplements Can Help Recover From Brain Injury”

Debbie Hampton

Work It Out

Kris feels that the best thing you can do to set your body up for maximum nootropic absorption efficiency is to sleep well and exercise. He believes that it will boost metabolism and will help get additional benefits from nootropics.

He concludes saying that he has gotten results from Ginkgo, which is one of the oldest nootropic herbs that is still around.

“Optimize your body and your brain will follow”

Kris Gunnars

Stimulates the Brain

Sometimes people have the wrong idea about nootropics. They focus on just stimulating the brain while bringing no tangible benefits to the table. Paul feels that is the wrong way to go about it and instead encourages everyone  to invest their time with supplements that provide benefits like repairing ageing neurons, optimizing blood flow and optimal intracerebral communication.

He advocates pre made stacks which have been tested under a lot of differing conditions and can give you great results regardless of your physiology. This is an alternative when you are starting out with nootropics.

“For a Powerful Mind, focus on more than stimulation”

Paul Mosbauer

Nootropic Jenga

For the greenhorn, stacking is the process by which 2 or more nootropics are combined to address the shortcomings of the other. While this should work out great in an ideal world, there are specific nootropics that work great in combinations.

Josh feels that you need to get your research right when it comes to ‘synergistic’ nootropics. An example would be to combine nootropics and a choline source. This gives you better results than if you took them separately.

“The right nootropics stack synergistically to give maximum results”

Josh Fulton

Vitamins have your B A C K

Andrew shares with us the reasons why he thinks vitamins are all that’s needed for a healthy mind and body. Vitamin B is known to have protective effects in the area of the brain most affected by Alzheimer’s disease. It can also reverse the effects of oxidative stress because of other neurodegenerative diseases.

Other vitamins also play important parts when it comes to healing and protecting the brain. Vitamin C lowers the risk of heart disease and cancer. It is the only known retardant of the common cold.

“Vitamins are the key to a healthy brain”

Andrew McCaddon

The Long And Short Of It

There are different kinds of distance runners when you talk about the Olympics. Students are like sprinters who need short, concentrated bursts of focus and cognitive functions just before the big test. Then there are people who want to last the distance. These people form a different demographic altogether.

David explains that there are nootropics available that cater to different needs of enthusiasts.

Racetams for example are used to produce pronounced effects of increased cognition. These are used when you need to pull an all-nighter or need to remember complex permutations of alphabets and symbols for your differential calculus test the next day.

Natural products like Huperzine, Ginkgo or Bacopa deliver a much gentler and imperceptible effect, but can help in long-term memory improvement. This means that people who are after persistent improvements to the brain should supplement this with their regular diet.

“Different Approaches To Short And Long Term Cognitive Enhancement”

David Fisher

Stacking Simple

Howie rounds off proceedings by telling readers to KISS and build your own stack once you’ve graduated from being a nootropic beginner. He explains that while pre-formulated stacks are fine to start off with, you will begin to appreciate how much more difference a custom stack can make.

You can add acetylcholine to any nootropic you are currently taking and immediately notice better cognitive performance.

“Keep it simple, find out what works best for you”

Howie Jastrow

Results are Limitless

I run — and have seen what people have been taking and I would say “Tracking and stacking the right nootropics together is an art, but once done right, the results are limitless.” kind of cheesy but very true.



To all of you out there who have still not taken that all important first step towards improving yourself, this post can answer some of the questions you have and also put some expert perspective within your reach. And before you embark on this journey, please remember to consult your doctor. They definitely better placed to tell you exactly what you should do and what you shouldn’t.
If you have questions or stuff to share about nootropics, please send us an email.

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