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Are you a student? Then even if your brain works perfectly, you use the best brain supplements and have a great memory, this article should still be very helpful. Why? Because today we will be sharing some really great study tips with you all, so let’s keep on reading.



  • It is best to review the material right after class when it’s still fresh in your memory.
  • Do your best to stay alert. In order to study actively, you’ve got to stay focused. Don’t let your mind wander.
  • Turn off your internet & sign out of all apps.
  • Label anything you can.
  • Make a study schedule and write down everything you have to do for each class.
  • Distractions/Multitasking won’t help you.
  • Create mind maps (e.g. spider diagram) – help you to visualize key points and the connections and overlaps between them.
  • Don’t hide your books, put them on your desk where you can see them so you’ll be reminded that you need to study.
  • Keep a to do list, and at the end of each day review what you accomplished and create a new to do list for the next day! this will help keep you organized and clear your head about all those things you need to get done.
  • Remember that Google translate doesn’t actually help with learning languages.
  • Take short breaks frequently. Your memory retains the information that you study at the beginning and the end better than what you study in the middle.
  • Have a master-list of tasks to complete/goals to achieve during the break.
  • Take notes and write down a summary of the important ideas as you read through your study material.
  • Doing it last minute will not make it “stick in your brain”.
  • Find a good playlist to help you get in the mood of studying.
  • Create realistic goals: get ___ grade on next ____.
  • Find out the subject of the lecture beforehand and read up, so that you’ll be prepared for the key themes and ideas.
  • If you can’t study at home, pack your books and go to that cute coffee shop you like so much. Sit in a quiet corner, order some tea and finish that essay.
  • Keep related things in related spaces.
  • Set a time to start studying and stick to it.
  • Make sure that you understand the material well, don’t just read through the material and try to memorize everything.
  • Of course, don’t forget to relax after a long day day, put away the books and do something for yourself. watch a movie or some tv, read, draw, talk to your friends, whatever calms you down. Enjoy yourself!

Reward achievements!

Good luck with your studies!

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