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Many people spend a great deal of time in the gym working on our bodies, but can we say the same about our minds? Just like a healthy physical form, a healthy mind also needs to flex its mental muscles and get some exercise. In fact, there are studies that show playing puzzle games can help increase mental agility. Brain game apps combine the latest in brain science with puzzles and mind games to keep your wits sharp. Check out these top 5 brain gaming apps on Android and iOS devices:

1 .      Does Not Commute (Android, iOS)


A clever little action puzzle game about reckless drivers and time travel. Levels start out simple, with players having to drive cars from point A to B. But with each car added, you are challenged to carefully avoid every previous car you’ve played. Quickly ramping up complexity while rewarding quick reflexes and careful planning. Each escalating traffic jam also comes with little snippets of each driver’s personal life, to create a strange, ever-unfolding story to accompany your roadside mayhem.

2.      King Rabbit (iOS)

For something that adds a bit more action to a Sokoban-like, check out RareSloth’s King Rabbit, sequel to Furdemption. As the titular King Rabbit, it’s up to you to rescue your fellow rabbits from their cages while evading deadly traps, solving puzzles, and avoiding your enemies. Like Furdemption before it, King Rabbit takes the intricate push puzzle levels of Sokoban-likes and adds a timing element to traps, hazards and other puzzle elements. The game features a campaign of more than 100 levels, with additional level packs, hints, and slow-time powerups available as in-app purchases.
3.      Cut The Rope: Magic (Android, iOS)

The hungry little monster Om Nom returns to your touchscreen with the latest iteration of the mobile physics puzzle game, Cut The Rope: Magic (Android, iOS). Transported to a fantasy realm, Om Nom must outwit a candy-hungry wizard by solving a variety of puzzles across more than 120 levels to get at the candy. Cut The Rope: Magic adds a new gameplay element: transformations. Om Nom can shapeshift into a variety of alternate forms, each with their own special traits to help navigate each level’s puzzles.
4.      Two Dots (Android, iOS)

Sequel to the mobile puzzle hit Dots, Two Dots (Android, iOS)takes the elegant gameplay foundation of the original game and adds new features to mix things up with anchor tiles, fires and more. This sequel brings a more narrative feel, with cartoon-illustrated maps in which players guide their two dot-people through the game’s varied challenge levels. The game’s move to a free price point has introduced in-app purchases for things like bombs and extra moves, as well as an energy system of lives, which has been a turn-off to some gamers.
5.      Hoplite (Android, iOS)

Hoplite (Android, iOS) is a wonderful combination of tactical puzzle and Rogue-like all rolled into a single, well-oiled mobile gaming package. As the eponymous Hoplite, it’s up to you to descend the depths of an underground dungeon to recover the legendary Golden Fleece. Armed only with your spear and shield, it’s up to you to decide how to fight or maneuver your way past the dungeon’s inhabitants in a simple turn-based movement system that blends RPG tactics with puzzle game play. Procedurally-generated levels mean that no two play through are the same, making for infinite replay ability.
Take a little break with these top 5 brain gaming apps that will help exercise your mind using your smart phones. Brain games, just like every other game genre, are sharing in the mobile gaming boom. Touchscreen controls are ideal for intuitive control of puzzle elements. Sharp mental challenges are perfect for gaming on the go.

(source: Tom’s Guide)


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